Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Livestock Development Meeting

inutes of 03/01/2013 KLR Group 2: Livestock Development
Members Present:  Roger Scheibe, Jodi Anderson, Ron Fredrick, Jerry Vogeler, Lowell Mesman (via phone), Warren Rushe, Gary Deering, JD Ryen, TW Schalesky, Kent Woodmansey, Jeanne Goodman, Mark Snedeker, Sarah Caslin, and Jodi Bechard.
Sarah started by giving a first half update for The Next Generation of Livestock Production (NGLP) meetings. That summary is attached.  She also mentioned Ag Stars and the Ag Committee tour. She reminded that if you are interested in what the other groups are talking about, the Department of Agriculture has a blog. That can be seen at . She said that it had been mentioned to her that the department should have a directory of producers around the state. The group discussed that this would require constant update and that maybe we should start with a feedlot directory. Sarah also passed around “Livestock Development in SD” a publication from 2004. It would be a great thing to update after these meetings and bring to the Key Leader Round Table.
Dairy presented their presentation. This is attached.  Roger Scheibe presented to the group. There are 296 total dairies in SD and there are 5 total milk processors with one under construction in Brookings this year. To summaries the limiting factors for building more dairies in SD would be these would not be in any specific order.  We have also attached an electronic copy of the Dairy Drive 2012 information again.
·        Zoning and Neighbors.
·        There are worries out there that if we get too many dairies in to SD than the milk price will go down.
·        Infrastructure of I-29
·        Transportations cost
·        Financing for local South Dakotans

There was a suggestion to start a bucket list. Here is the start of the list:
·        Diversify – ie: Robot milker with raising beef cattle
·        Young Farmer/Rancher Investor Program

Received an email from Jeanne Goodman, There will be FDA Antimicrobial Meetings Across the US. There will be one in Pierre. Please follow the link to check out the schedule.

Next meeting will be Monday, March 25th from 1-4pm in Pierre, at the South Dakota Cattleman’s Association Building. Beef will be making their presentation.  
Meeting Adjourned

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