Wednesday, April 3, 2013

South Dakota Ag Partners in Action Meeting April 1

South Dakota Ag Partners in Action
April 1, 2013 @ 1:00 PM
Matthews Training Center, Joe Foss Building, Pierre

Members in attendance:  Ann Price, Michelle Nelson, Lyle Stewart, Keith Ferguson, Randy Englund, Ann Schwader.
SDDA Facilitators:  Jamie Crew, Sue Zilverberg.
Ann Price called the meeting to order and the agenda was approved.
Committee members read the meeting minutes from December.  The minutes were approved as written.
We discussed the ag educational document Jamie compiled.  We received 20 responses; it was sent to about 200 organizations.  The request letter will be resent annually for updates.  The request letter was evaluated to make it simpler in hopes that more people will fill it out.  Jamie will send it out again.
The layout of the Resource Directory was discussed.  We would like to see a hyperlink at the top for all of the organizations.  Instead of listing all events and their dates, the listing should include a hyperlink to the organizations site.  Keith will look over the directory and make recommendations for improvement/consistency. 
Facebook page - Ann has started the page but we need organizations to contribute before we market the page. 
Future objectives were discussed, including coordinating an event.  We discussed an annual event that would take place in a rural area since the urban (Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Brookings, Pierre) areas are already covered by events.  The event would serve as a model to encourage other groups. 
The next meeting was set for June 5, 2013. 
Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Nelson, committee secretary


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